This One’s For Mike

Building me a substitute Bike 2010

To the Rescue! Out on the route, MS150 2010

I can’t say enough good things about Mike.  He’s a great guy, with a beautiful family.  He is an excellent bike mechanic.  Oh yeah, he has saved my (biking) life several times.  He saved me today and I am grateful.

I am the only girl I know, who can screw up her bike while cleaning it. I managed to do just that yesterday.  The bike was filthy from the MS150, I’m poor, so I got to work on a little DIY cleaning.  I know what to do, maybe not how to do it the best way.  Somehow, I slipped the front derailleur out of position so I couldn’t shift my front gears very well.  (The big ones by the pedals).  This morning I did a 25 mile ride in the same gear the whole trip because I was scared to shift.  It was a great ride and taught me to shift my body’s gears instead of my bike’s gears.  I stopped by to ask HOW to fix it.  After a couple of spins, a screw and some maneuver, it was magically all better for my big training ride tomorrow.  He’s not giving up his Mike’s Magic secrets.  That is the VALUE of having a bike from a reputable bike shop.  They have people who are experts in bikes.  Bike repair and assembly is a fine art.  There are several artists at my shop, Chainwheel Drive.  They are worth their weight in gold.  I couldn’t (no would’t have a bike to) ride without them.  Thanks Mike! (Bruce, your turn will come-don’t be jealous)

There was a mechanic in my Mom’s life too.  Dr. Jones just kept patching her up and getting her through the disease.  Dr. Mark Jones, our family doctor, delivered my brother and sister, saved my Mom again and again, and he is our dear friend.  He hates MS too.


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