Long Range Plans

Our long range plan, make it to Bok Tower. Short term plan, survive this hill(into the wind)!

Yesterday ( I wrote this Monday, but didn’t finish it until Tuesday), I learned how bike trails get their names in Pinellas County, how the actions of this county are intertwined with the eight counties that surround our peninsula and how the actions of a few, when led by a long range plan… can make a difference.  We had a great meeting (at least, I thought we did) about bicycling today.  I am on a task force for revising and modernizing a map/guide that is nearly 20 years old.  The first person I want to talk to is Bert Valery, who has been biking for well over 20 years.  He had a goal 20 years ago to build the trail, and now it is nationally recognized.  Talk about long range planning and continued support!   What our task force will rely on are the long range plans of the county and this region to guide us and work with other groups.  http://www.pinellascounty.org/mpo/lrtp.htm#se

I call my personal long range plans goals.  I have short term goals such as losing 10 pounds at a time.  I have long term goals for 10 years from now.  They are written.  They are meaningful.  They help me get back to True North if I need to.  They involve more than the current emotion.  They are are based on values, not trends.

Multiple Sclerosis.  What a long range plan wrecker!  What a short term goal wrecker!  This disease is a b* when it comes to making plans.  Like every Christmas that we spent visiting our Mom in the hospital.  There have been significant advances in managing the symptoms and providing a better long-term outlook to patients diagnosed with MS.  The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has goals, dream and objectives.  They are trying to create a world free of MS.  Zero tolerance for this dream killer.  It will take the long range plans, the short-term efforts and collective group of people who care as much about preventing and curing this disease to beat it.  What can you contribute?  What are your long range plans?  When it comes to any situation like a disease, I think it is still important to have long range plans, and perhaps be more inspired to achieve them.



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2 responses to “Long Range Plans

  1. Katherine Campbell

    Courtney – I met you at the emeeting tonight.. wonderful site.. wonderful support for MS and your mother.

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