I Woke Up Smiling

Having a ball after the ride

Boji's walk

I’m going to start with the morning after the ride, Monday morning and update the details of the ride as I get the pictures uploaded and have time to reflect on the totality of the weekend. Here is a picture from Monday and some highlights of the week, now that words are beginning to make sense again.

If you read Food Power, the statement about making Oscar the Grouch seem sweet in the morning is still true. Give me my coffee. There has been plenty of that this week. HUGE thanks to my friend Annie who knew what the greatest gift of all for my ride would be, a Starbucks card!! Boji let me sleep in Monday until 8:15, there was a cool breeze out of the West as we walked and enjoyed the early morning light. I saw someone who told me I was glowing. Windburn? Sunburn? No, I think I was just smiling. I felt great! I was still on the high that being a part of a team, part of a greater good and surrounded by good friends gives you. I was proud of my ride, not specifically the time, the speed, the distance-but the ride. I felt great! I had one tendon, behind my right knee that was sore, but not painful. The “hot spots” (feet, hands butt) weren’t sore at all, they were just “hot” on the ride (90 degree??). It wasn’t that $1,000,000 had been accidentally deposited in my bank account.  Maybe it was the quick look that I took at my email, facebook, twitter, etc. Overflowing with messages from supporters.  It was Denny B’s (and five good friends) birthday!! Yes, I was happy about that, called my Dad later to say Happy Birthday and tell him about the ride. I stopped by the bike shop to tell a few folks thank you for their help and support.

I know, I put my little medal from the ride on Mom’s shelf Sunday night.  I think I woke up knowing she was whispering, “You did good, Court”.


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