Wuv my wegs

Yep, there's a picture of my butt and the back of those wegs.

(This is a 2nd attempt post from Friday night.   My phone wouldn’t cooperate with wordpress)

I have always struggled to wuv my wegs.  I can distinctly remember a fight with my mom as teenager about them.  We were in Michigan and she made a comment about them being thick or something???  As you can imagine, that made for some pleasant moments in the car.  Later, I think she realized that it hurt my feelings and self-esteem and tried to apologize.  The truth is, I have my Dad’s frame and my Mom’s musculature.  My quads are just ridiculously huge like my Mom’s were.  My Dad (and my Brother) have chicken legs.

I finally have a place to appreciate my legs-on the bike.  These stems are like a turbo-charged Vette.  Well, sometimes.  It goes back to the Food Power and how my fuel source is maintained.  I can be riding at 18 miles per hour (depending on conditions) and not get out of Zone 1 of my heart rate zones. It seems they should power me up hills, and they do… but, there is a little too much junk in the trunk to enjoy the haul sometimes.  They were definitely built for speed.  But on the bike, I have learned they are built for endurance and I get my second wind after mile 25.

I have been taking care of the wegs this week.  A self pedicure, a calf massage(gift), the good lotion, foam rolling, stretching and rest.  I hope you wascally wegs are weady!


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