Best ride of my life… so far.

Training partner, riding partner, teacher (of bike knowledge) and accomplice-Christine

Lookin' good halfway with J.T. Nutrition guru, bike genius and just all around fun to ride with!

Although tired, I really wasn't too scared of Sunday

Finish line with my new buddy Matt

Here are a few preview pics from the ride.  The best ride of my life … so far.  There is so much to reflect on and share with you all.  Let’s just say, the third year is a charm.  I enjoyed every minute from almost forgetting my bike leaving home, to feeling great waking up on Monday morning.  My body feels great, my mind is still pretty mushy.  So for now, I made it home safely.  I will be writing more about what was so great about riding my bike last weekend.  Good night!  (James, I’m sorry I haven’t downloaded the 149 cell phone pics yet)



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4 responses to “Best ride of my life… so far.

  1. Overcoming Illness With Joy

    Thank you for riding ~ great photos!

  2. It is my pleasure. I enjoyed every minute of the weekend. If one person has a better life because I got to ride my bike for two days, then I have accomplished what I set out to do April 29, 2011.

    • Overcoming Illness With Joy

      I know with certainty that many people do. While I live in a different area than you, I know firsthand how many life-changing things are made available because of people like you who want to improve the quality of life of those living with MS.

      • “Joy”

        Keep focusing on the good, fighting the bad and I will continue to support efforts to end MS. My best to you, your care team and your family!

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