The way I see it

The following are words I used to describe this ride and how it relates to MS on February 9, 2010.

Mom circa 1970

Mom 2009

This 2 day ride, which starts at the highest point in Florida –BOK Tower Gardens and traverses the hilly citrus groves of Central Florida into Disney World and back to the highest point is a lot like the way I have seen MS. It is full of challenges and unexpected climbs, it goes through little known parts of Central Florida where you need the help of the team to find your way and pedal through the pain.  As the ride progresses into day two fatigue sets in and your body starts to fade.  The challenges mount as you must climb once again to the highest point where you began. After you have endured the pain of the final hour, you reach the beauty of the gardens and can look back on the arduous path you have traversed. You wonder how you found your way, where the strength came from. But after it is over, you realize what you have learned about yourself, you have learned a great deal about the disease and how it affects it’s victims and you are with the friends that you started with, those you have met along the way and you realize the gift….. as look across Florida


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