Time as the coefficient

I love to get on these signs. I got 26, but the pic was taken at 23 (had to be careful)

Wind was a significant factor in the equation

Mid-climb up the Clearwater Memorial Causeway

The view from the top isn't bad!

Monday was gut-check day.  I had a rematch with the bridges of Clearwater Beach(9%, 11% and 10% grade) .  It was good.  To roughly quote a line from Talladega Nights, “You made that bridge your b*, Court”.

Why would I turn around the day after a very tough ride and punish myself like that? 1.  Rain check from Friday 2. I wanted to build the muscles that I felt weakness in on Sunday, my muscle memory was fresh 3. I wanted to have the confidence of riding them well going into the MS150, it’s got some stretches of rolling hills.   I had a busy day yesterday, so time was scarce and I wanted to go a certain distance.  Time Trial!  DISTANCE = TIME x SPEED  There is a reason time trials are important training tools for cyclists, part of big races like the Tour de France and one of my training tools.  They force you to focus on your performance instead of your final result, challenge you to push harder to reach your goal and wake up fast-twitch muscle fiber.  I finished my circuit with two minutes to spare.  The bridges were different than yesterday.  I was alone, focused and I even said “Hi” to people as I was climbing.  I was in a much better place mentally.  Great ride.

In the formula of life, we have a certain amount of control over  the D (distance) we travel, the S (speed) we keep.  Our variable is T(time).  MS really put a limit on the amount of T (time) my Mom had here with us.  It eventually, dropped the speed of her youth and days as a P.E. teacher to a slow roll.  She kept going the distance.  The distance to see her grandchildren, the distance to teach reading (even after her disability forced her into volunteerism), the distance to see her friends and family.

Set your goals for D high.

Keep your S  steady, and push yourself to go faster sometimes.  Coast downhill when needed.

Always remember, while you think you control the amount of T you have in this life,  it is really a coefficient chosen by someone much bigger than physics teacher.  Make the most of your T!


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