No “ME” in TEAM!

Some Teammates Ready to Start the Ride

Fun times with friends

My friends at the beach

My Tampa Jayhawk Family

Yes, if you rearranged the letters, there would be a me in team.  It is a play on the phrase “No I in team”.  This post is missing countless friends, most of whom have at least one photo, safely stored in a box, not this computer.  Today, is a day off the bike.  This post is to recognize the friends, the family and the team who make “me” possible.

The teams who make this ride possible are:  Bike MS150 team of Central Florida NMSS, Suncoast Cycling Club, Chainwheel Drive, riding partners, the Barry group, Bayside peeps, beach girls, work girls, friends from Gainesville, Charlotte, KU, Lex and beyond. You all are literally spread across 42 states, three decades and yet each of you valuable individually.  This blog has a heading: Just Me, On My Bike.  The truth is there are always reminders of an old friend or thoughts about close friend who is struggling.

Today, this blog is dedicated to you all.  This blog is also a tribute to the teams, and teams of people who went above and beyond to help my Mom and our family as we struggled with Multiple Sclerosis.  Merely beginning to recall some the extraordinary acts of kindness and support that were given to my Mom and our family by friends, health care providers and even strangers brings tears to my eyes.  We were lucky.  People with MS, can’t take a pill, don’t have much hope for a cure, but when a team pulls together there are usually great strides made in accomplishing a goal.  Our team is close to the goal of $40.000.  The monies raised will fund teams of researchers and support staff for people who may be stuck on the island of “I” with MS.

Thank YOU friends.  Go Team Go!!!  

**Every effort was made to omit the words I/me in this post.  If there are strange grammatical twists, that’s part of the reason.


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