Mother’s Day… No, Angels Day.

My Helmet and Sweatband

You can barely see, but there's Boji's pink tongue as he barked at me for leaving this morning

I don’t write this to appease an audience.  I write what comes to mind when I’m riding or how I feel about a certain event or day.  I had a great ride today!  It was, unbeknownst to some, exactly what I wanted it to be.  I rode with a group for about 20 miles, then separated and ended up solo.  Ok, the truth is I was riding above my usual level and I kept up just fine in the flats, but I lagged about 200 yards behind after a bridge and I didn’t try to catch up.  I was in my neighborhood near Clearwater Beach and I was planning some time alone on the bike anyway.  (I remembered my phone this time)  So I took the opportunity to do the rest of the ride my way.  Guess what, I get to do Mother’s Day my way now too.

I heard on the news that Mother’s Day has surpassed Valentines as the busiest flower holiday.  I don’t remember ever giving my mom flowers.  Maybe a corsage for Mother’s Day?  I do remember picking flowers for her.  We usually had a few in our yard by May.  I’m not a big fan of card and flower holidays.   I did find a few of the cards that I sent to Mom from Charlotte and KU.  I guess they were a big deal to her.  So now, I have this day and I want to spend in a way that I think honors and connects me to Mom.  I challenged myself to ride faster.  I climbed three bridges, and added on three repeats of the Curlew overpass standing.  I rode solo, and didn’t feel alone.  I met a new friend, I learned more about biking.  I went to church and learned about the Book of Ruth and Hesed.  I took a short nap.  Spent time with friends.  I have seen about five of the seven “Moms” that have come into my life around here this week.  I was a good, no great, mom to Boji today.  These are all things that “I” did, but really I wasn’t alone.

Hallmark can make up behave a certain way by promoting a holiday.  The truth is, I like to celebrate in unconventional ways.  If MS has given me anything, it was another angel.  So I celebrated Angels Day today and nobody could have told me how it was supposed to be done… except an angel.


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