Life Lines and Rain Checks

Clouds rollin' in

I set out for my ride at 7:25 this morning, I don’t know where the people I was supposed to meet were?  Maybe I got confused on the starting location.  Anyway, I headed out on the regular beach and bridges route that I love(hate) to do.  This route is about 30 miles around the beach(love), including up to three bridges between 9-11% climbs(hate).  As I proceeded solo, I was doing my usually acclimation activities and realized I didn’t have my cell phone, some of you call yours Blackberry.  I know the route well.  I know people and businesses along the route ,but… I had this terrible feeling of uneasiness as I rode toward the beach.  What if?  Terrible mindset, I know.  When it is accompanied by a “gut” feeling, I usually listen.  I can’t change my own tire, my hands are not strong enough to get the wheel off/on my rims.  What if I got hit, hurt, lost, dog…  ????!@#$%^&

In life the “what ifs” can be very self-defeating and hold people back from moving forward.  This is the way I saw it relate to MS in my Mom’s life.  She carried her little flip cell phone in her bra strap.  What if she fell?  What if she had trouble breathing?  What if she needed something while she was laying down?  It was her life line.  It became a what if line for my Dad too.  For the past five years or more, my Dad had his cell and picked up quickly all the time.  Even when the number of calls exceeded reasonable.  I have actually smiled a few times when my Dad left his cell phone behind in the car or didn’t answer when I called.  I think he is enjoying being off “call”.  We can all relate to ways that we use our mobile devices as life lines.  I’m glad I went back to get mine.

As I headed out for Round 2, it seemed like a gorgeous overcast day.  Four miles later, the storm arrived and I have a rain check for Sunday with the bridges.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society provides life lines to people diagnosed with MS.  There are support groups, chat rooms, call in centers, medical referral support lines and more.

This is a critical part to helping MS patients, caregivers, families and friends deal with the disease.  I have my life line, so long as I remember it, to family and friends.  MS survivors need life lines too.  That’s why I accept the challenge to ride the MS150… with my Blackberry, so I can Tweet.


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  1. Overcoming Illness With Joy

    The cellphone being a lifeline is so apt. Thank you for riding!

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