MS Bike 150 2011-Accept the Challenge

My first day back

March 10, 2011

My involvement in the MS150 began in 2009 as a ride to surprise Mom. In 2010, it was a ride to honor Mom.  This year, it’s for me.

I had no idea that the past 10 months would have presented the challenges in securing full-time employment that I have encountered when I returned to Florida last May.  It’s tough here with the unemployment rate approximately 13%.  Ironically, returning to Florida has felt like the right decision and I have had a great life with the exception of a job.  As a matter of survival, there were several things that were scaled back or given up to save money.  Biking is a hobby, so as of last July, it was on the back burner.  I got out occasionally, when asked by others or to do ride a short ride.  It was an easy habit to get out of.  Replaced by Rays games, football or a little too much fun on a Friday night.

In January, when the call came out from our team captain, I was torn.  Commit sweat, time and money to training when I can barely pay the bills?  Or keep trudging along the job seeking path.  Reason told me, keep searching for the job, get one and then sign up.  After I heard a presenter say, “Never give up your passion.  Especially when you are stressed out.  Let it be your true North.”, I was motivated to get back on the bike.  Since I committed to training for this ride March 10th, my life has been better.  Not without challenges… like a killer sinus infection.  The head clearing, wind-in-your hair freedom of being on my bike has helped keep my focus and perspective on the job search and all other parts of my life.  I have several prospects for a new job at the moment and I am physically ready to ride.  Sorry for the late notice on the registration.  I just got the extra $40 to sign up last week.

Finished with my first 20 mile comeback ride

When MS wanders into someone’s life, there is no wavering, there is no choice.  It is and will be a challenge.  However, to survive an illness, you need focus and courage to face a challenge.  You need a passion to help you find your true North.  Mine is riding my bike.  That’s why I ride.  Please support me in the challenge-to raise money to support research for a cure and resources for those with Multiple Sclerosis.


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