Are You Kidding Me?

“Are You Kidding Me?” I can guarantee that would be a general summary of what would come out of my mouth if I were the one diagnosed with MS. I don’t remember what I said when my parents called me while in college at KU to tell me. I know where I was, I know who I was with and I know I cried my self to sleep, for the next several nights. I knew it was a terminal diagnosis. Not so much, like the 3-6 months that cancer can be, but anyday, far sooner than you imagined.

Well as I am sure you can imagine, the “Are You Kidding Me?”

One of the rollers going through the orange groves

was uttered (with a few more details) a few time along the 110 miles up to this point. It seemed just as we would get to the top of a roller, it would plateau to another climb or present 3 or 4 more hills ahead. Or just as we rounded a curve the wimd would shift od be straight on as we chugged ahead. I’m sure I said something like that when I looked at my computer to learn the temperature was 96. This morning, Sunday morning I know I said twice in the first 10 miles-once for the pace we were keeping and once when I survived a near (really freakin’ close) miss of a huge accident by the grace of God.

There are several times along the way that my Mom probably said “Are You Kidding Me?”. But we rarely heard. Waking up to a leg that won’t work, spending another Christmas in the hospital… I hope that we will soon shreek, “Are You Kidding Me? They found a cure for MS”.

96 in the left turn lane


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