Training up til now…

I finally found my camera cord!!  It has been packed since we left Denver in April, so I have lots of fun pictures from the adventures that I will post next, but there are a few training pics that I thought I would share.  It has been quite an adventure… every time I rode in Colorado it was a new route.  Not to mention-stops along the route to Florida.  This isn’t the Tour de France, it’s not really a race-but it is a ride that takes preparation and respect for the endurance and fitness that the members of my team have been working on while I am gone.   Here is a link to the team page on the MS Society website:

I had some great solo rides, which for me, are the most challenging.  I get a little scared out on the road or even on a trail when I am riding alone.  Not to mention there is no one to share the load with.  When you see a line of bikes along the side of the road, the person at the front is doing a considerable amount more of the work than the people behind.  It is the same draft principle that geese use.  There is a great slipstream behind the bikes and we all take turns carrying the load.  But wind is a great training tool to make you a better rider, so I had plenty to “train” with in Colorado and Nebraska and then a nice breeze out of the East when I rode earlier this week in Florida.  Nutrition has also been a huge part of getting ready.  Don’t quote me on this, but typically a cyclist burns between 750-1000 calories an hour when riding at a brisk 20 mph pace.  On my 1.5 hour ride the other day, my heart rate monitor said I burned 1750???  So that’s about a day’s worth of food.   Now, I would love to go replace all of that with a Big Mac or Chicken Sandwich, but that would make me sicker than a dog.  So there have been a ton of protein shakes, milk, whole wheat cous cous, salads, chicken, fish, pizza, peanut butter, yogurt, eggs, turkey, and some Mint Milano cookies that jumped in my cart.  Some of my friends and neighbors have been kind enough to supply some carbs in the form of beer too.  With a copius amount of fruit and fruit juice to go along with all of that the past few days, I am feeling great.  I will eat a good size meal tonight, nothing for breakfast and start my supplements 10 minutes into the ride.

As far as riding, I have enjoyed the addition of spin classes to my routine at Lifetime Fitness this winter.  Then I have done about 500 miles of little 20 milers since January solo.  I met some cool people in Denver and put in 35 and 15 with them (and some fun hills to climb with them).  This week, I did 30-33-16.  With that, I feel great, I am stretched out and ready to go.  Here are some pics of various rides


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