My “new” ride

Yes, I know there is a naughty word on my shirt.  I got it in Boulder!  My friend Kelly and I just couldn’t get over not buying them, so I made a trip back to “hippy-ville” the day after 4/20 and picked em up.  Fun times, fun times.

So this is a picture of me working with the components of the new ride for the weekend.  It is just a little different look, style and oh yeah, class of bike.  To use the terminology, it has a better power transfer.  Yes, it does.  It also doesn’t have my girlie look or my girlie gear (for climbing up hills).  We have bonded-“Pink Lady” has my seat, my computer and my pedals so it’s familiar, but it’s not home.  Once again, I am eternally grateful just to have the opportunity to ride such a nice bike and not have a problem with my frame force me to scratch the whole ride.  I rode by some team members the other day, with my new bike, new helmet and just a plain shirt on and nobody recognized me.  I am incognito!


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