Chaos and calm

I don’t know when I learned to live with chaos, but I would consider it a sub-talent of mine.  It involves strategy, patience, thick skin, and the ability to sleep anywhere.  For those of you who don’t know, I returned back to Florida, but I am not back in my place, completely, until after the ride.  A HUGE thanks to Missie and Bucky for the gift of hospitality so that I could acclimate on the bike and Boji could… lay around and be a dog.  The accommodations can’t be beat.  The humor and friendship is helpful too.  I would consider that part of my life-pretty calm.

I got out early on Monday and had a tough 30 down at the beach.  It was a chance to get out and kick my on butt on bridges 4, roads, trails, wind and some serious heat and humidity.  80 when I started, 90 when I finished.  The steady wind out of the East made it a little chaotic.  The good news is the body adjusted and it went really well, thanks to all that altitude training.  Tuesday, I had a great opportunity to reconnect with some friends and team mates for a 30 mile group ride.  That was a little more chaotic-just getting things ready, getting to the ride and adjusting to riding in a pace line.  The calm came when I was just riding in the line, smooth cadence, steady pace.  It was a great day for a ride with great people.  Immediately after that ride, the chaos returned, when I took my bike in for a scheduled tune-up.  Lots of wear and tear to repair, but nothing major, so I thought as I left.  Then I got the call.  “Don’t cry, your bike is broken”.  WHAT?  The loose seat that I mentioned to my favorite bike guy Bruce, turned out to be a cracked frame on the tube that holds the seat of the bike.  From a liability standpoint, I can’t ride that bike, my bike, Baby Blue.  A little good news, it is most likely fixable situation, but like fixable in a month, not 24 hours.  I was ready to break out the Target card and buy a cheapy just to do the ride.  -See Why Not to Buy Your Bike At Target- CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS I picked up Baby Blue, made some calls, asked some opinions and scheduled to take it into Chainwheel on Wednesday (yes, that Wednesday-between loads of laundry and sections of unpacking)

There wasn’t a “quick patch” solution.  So the shop, that has so graciously supported our team in this event, offers me a bike.  A very nice bike, just a little small.  When I return to pick up the “new” bike (on loan), instead of walking up to my equivalent of a loaner car, the shop has custom built (with my pedals, seat and dimensions)  a Porsche Boxter for me.  This is quite an upgrade to Baby Blue.  My bike is the lower level of carbon fiber, road bikes.  The Specialized Tarmac Expert Test Bike, would be toward the top.  I was out the door on this sweet ride just in time to almost catch my 5:30 ride.  What a blessing.  As I rode/tested the fit of this machine, the calm returned.   It’s fast.  I only hope I can do this bike justice as I ride.  I am very, very grateful to Tom, Dottie, and the rest of the good people who have helped me with this problem.

The link isn’t the exact bike, but if you are really into bikes and want to know a little about it, or buy one, here you go:

Pictures to follow when I get my camera and computer together.


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