You’re DRIVING from Colorado to Florida?

I get a lot of funny looks when I am out riding, as well as, life in general.  I think we all do when we encounter those people who are very different from us.  Well imagine some of the looks I get on the freeway as I drive the Final 4-runner with Gator tags, Kansas Alumni tag holder packed with clothes, my little pieces of life, a 100 pound Black Lab, his crate folded and zip tied to the top and Baby Blue on the Thule out back.  I get looks when I stop for gas, or on a rare occasion go through a drive through.  I was in Platte City, MO, getting the cheaper gas before Kansas City and the pump attendant says, “Which Pump?” Me: “Oh, the silver 4runner.”  Attendant:  “Oh, THAT one.  Wow!  You have to drive all the way to Florida?”  At that moment, I was pretty tired of driving, and luckily I just said this in my mind, “No, we have a helicopter picking us up KCI to fly us to Florida.  Just wanna make sure we have a full tank when we land”

All sarcasm aside, this is a pretty big trip.  It has been every time I have driven halfway across the country with Boji (10 times since 1999)  I don’t think I have ever made this many stops along the way.  I am learning (or learned quickly) this is not necessarily the easy way to do it.  I am really tired of packing and unpacking the same 5 “essentials” at each destination:  Computer bag, suitcase, make-up duffel, bike bag and dog suitcase.  My route includes, Lex (my hometown), Lincoln, Arlington and Omaha, NE, Kansas City and Lawrence, KS, Charlotte, NC, Simpsonville, SC, Gainesville and, finally, Clearwater, FL.  I will see my Dad, Brother Sister and family, both Grandmothers, friends, cousins, 2 new babies, Aunts and Uncles Kurt and Sarah and Janet and Dennis and Dan and Melinda.  Boji will see his cousins, Birdie, Gracie and Murphy and his girlfriend Abby and her new sisters Daisy, Lily and Molly.  Some people calculate their journey in miles or hotel points.   I count mine in “visits”.    And a few good rides:  Lex around Johnson Lake, Lincoln a few miles + the last stretch beside my little sister as she finished the Lincoln Half Marathon (13.1 miles, I would only do on a bike), Omaha around Lake Zorinsky and the rest TBA.


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