Getting my wheels under me

I believe the saying goes, “It’s like riding a bike”.  So what does that mean.  It was easy?  I believe there are scars on my ankle and knee to prove that the transition to riding a bike without training wheels isn’t easy.  Does it mean that you don’t forget, ever?  Not really.  So in 2008, I went into a local bike shop and said, “I need to buy a bike to ride to work”.  About that time, gas was approximately $4.00 and it seemed like a great idea.  So I ended up with “Baby Blue”.  My bike.  The introduction wasn’t easy and my first ride was actually a real struggle.  This wasn’t the bike I learned on.  Thanks to many friends, club members and mentors along way, I have learned to air up my tires, keep my helmet on straight, shift and endure a 2 day 150 mile bike ride.


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